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Miltona-20110604-00171 (2)In 2006, the Lake Miltona Visitors Bureau was formed and incorporated as a Non-profit organization. The primary mission of the Lake Miltona Visitors Bureau is to create awareness for Minnesota’s greatest hidden gem, Lake Miltona. The members of the visitors’ bureau donate their time and skills in order for the public from far and wide to discover this beautiful lake and the surrounding area.

Our lives have been spent on the beautiful shores of this 5800 acre, crystal clear lake. It is a wonderful place to be if the need is relaxation or plenty of activity. Whether arriving for spring, summer, fall, or winter, we are certain that you will succeed in “Discovering your new tradition at Lake Miltona”.

We look forward to your visit! Please contact any of our area resorts to begin planning your vacation!

Where exactly is Lake Miltona?

Lake Miltona is located in Douglas County in the West Central area of Minnesota, fifteen miles north of Alexandria on State Highway 29.

Our community is 150 miles northwest of the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, 125 miles southeast of Fargo and 225 miles southwest of Duluth.

State Highway 29 is one mile to the west and Interstate Highway 94 is twenty miles to the south.

About our Lake!

Lake Miltona is considered one of the finest in Central Minnesota. With over 15 miles of shoreline, it has been rated third in the state in providing conditions and nutrients to sustain fish life per acre feet of water. The lake covers 5,838 acres of crystal clear, spring fed waters. It measures seven miles long with a maximum depth of one hundred five feet and varies from level, safe sandy beaches out to the many reefs and sand bars.

Lake Miltona Map
Aerial View of Lake
 MN County Map


Travel Mileage & Time to Lake Miltona, Minnesota:

City Mileage Time
Fargo, ND 110 2 Hrs
Sioux Falls, SD 285 5 Hrs
Duluth, MN 220 4 Hrs
Minneapolis, MN 140 2 Hrs 20 Min
St. Paul, MN 150 2 Hrs 20 Min
St. Cloud, MN 77 1 Hr 30 Min
Mankato, MN 211 3 Hrs 3 Min
Rochester, MN 226 3 Hrs 30 Min
Chicago, IL 554 9 Hrs
Omaha, NE 828 13 Hrs 50 Min
Des Moines, IA 390 6 Hrs 9 Min


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